About Us

One of the most important things our guests want to experience when they arrive at our motel is a comfortable stay. And we want to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we have put a lot of effort into making sure all the services we provide are top notch. While there are plenty of larger hotel chains in the area, we have still managed to remain extremely competitive with all these establishments, which is due to the hard work and dedication of everyone on our team. When we started our business a few years ago, we could never have imagined having such success.

The reason our motel stands out is two-fold. Firstly, we have some of the best rates in the area. Whether you are looking to stay in one of our rooms for a few nights, or you are looking to book something for a period of two or three weeks, we are happy to provide you with the appropriate discounts and offers. Our competitive rates ensure that all our customers get incredible value for their money when they book a stay at our hotel. But it is not the only reason we have become such a success.

The second reason for our motel standing out is the level of quality we aspire to achieve in everything we do around here. Whether it is the way the rooms are set up, the services we offer to our guests, or the general upkeep of our establishment, we make sure everything is done in a really positive and professional way. Simply because we are a motel, does not mean that we can let our standards slip. And our customers are impressed when they see the quality of the rooms and of our premises, and we believe it makes them come back the next time they are in town!