Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning

When it comes to items such as your furnace, the only way you are going to continue getting good performance out of it is by ensuring regular cleaning and maintenance is being done. And while we recommend maintenance for furnaces that are used to heat homes, it is even more important to ensure the furnace is in good working order when it is located at an establishment such as a hotel or motel. It would be an absolute disaster if your furnace stopped working as guests were staying in their rooms during a bitterly cold winter’s night!

If you are like most people, you have a gas furnace that is being used to provide hot air to many rooms throughout your establishment. In these situations, the lack of cleaning and maintenance for the furnace can have some very serious consequences. Some of the consequences are only going to cost you more money down the road, but others could put yourself and other people in real danger. It is why we recommend that furnace cleaning and maintenance be done at least a couple of times a year – ideally by a professional. DIY maintenance is possible, but it is more complicated and requires some understanding of how furnaces operate.

So what happens when a furnace is not properly maintained? The first and most dangerous consequence is the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. When combustion is not happening correctly, it results in the excessive production of carbon monoxide. And given carbon monoxide is a completely odorless, tasteless and colorless gas, not to mention its deadliness, it is almost impossible to spot unless you have dedicated carbon monoxide detectors all around your establishment. And even if you do have the detectors, guests waking up in the middle of the night because their monoxide detector went off is not a good look for a motel. Those guests would probably never return to your establishment again, even if you offered them a free stay!

In a furnace, poor ventilation, the wrong gas pressure, not enough airflow and cracks in the combustion chamber can all result in carbon monoxide production. It is why maintenance of the structure is so crucial. A quick look at the furnace is not always enough to see if it is in working order. Have a professional check out the furnace at least two times a year to make sure it is running in the proper way. If they find any small repairs, they can fix things immediately.

Another consequence of a lack of furnace maintenance is the increase in your energy bills. And for a motel, having to pay more money to heat up a bunch of rooms is not ideal at all, because it cuts into your potential profits from renting out those rooms. And the bill increases are usually incremental, which means you may not even pay much attention to your bill increasing with each passing month in the winter. So make sure you are taking steps to keep the furnace on your property in correct working order.