HVAC Duct Cleaning in Your Home

Do you like to keep a clean and orderly home? If so, you likely give commonly used areas attention each week, such as scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming the floors and dusting the surfaces in your living room. You may even go a step further, regularly cleaning under the beds, the floors of closets and other out-of-the-way places.


Yet, even the most committed housekeeper often fails to account for the dust, dirt, grime and even organisms that can be lurking right inside their air ducts. This is unfortunate, as you and your family constantly breathe in the air that’s circulated through this system. If it’s full of particles that could be aggravating allergies and lowering your indoor air quality – your family won’t be living in the healthiest environment possible. Fortunately, HVAC duct cleaning in your home can quickly resolve any issues.

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Don’t Recirculate Dust and Debris.

Having dirty air ducts can be a continuous cycle that feeds on itself. How so? Every time the furnace or AC turns on and begins blowing air through the ducts, the particles inside them can be pushed out of the vents. So, if they’re full of dust, pet dander and hair, allergens, mold spores and so on – your air will be filled with these contaminants. These can eventually make their way back into the air ducts, only to be pushed out again. This cycle can continue if your ducts aren’t given the attention they need.
Should You Have Your System Cleaned?

If you didn’t dust the rooms in your home for years, you’d see a huge accumulation of dust on all the surfaces. Your air ducts aren’t any different. To be certain, not everyone agrees that routine HVAC cleaning is necessary. The EPA holds that duct cleaning is only required in cases of pest infestation, mold growth or if you can see dust blowing out of the air vents in your home (1).

However, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) instead recommends that you have your HVAC system cleaned every 3 to 5 years (2). Many anecdotal accounts from individuals also report that duct cleaning improved their allergies, increased the efficiency of their system and allowed them to breathe much easier overall (3).

What Should You Expect?

If you’re convinced like thousands of homeowners who have their ducts cleaned every year that this service is valuable – you’re likely ready to hire a crew. Yet, you may wonder what to expect. A professional HVAC cleaning company should use the latest equipment and methods. They will have the ability to adapt their approach to your specific system. Most often a duct cleaning service will attach an industrial-strength vacuum to the main trunk line. Then, technicians will begin inserting scrubbers or blowers that use compressed air, into each vent in your home. They’ll use these to dislodge the accumulated debris in the duct system. They may also bore one or more holes into the ducts at specific points, in order to reach the entire system. If so, they will cover any hole with an accessed panel installed to exacting standards – to ensure that no air leaks from your duct in the future (4).


The truck-mounted vacuum attached to your ducts, will ensure that the dust being freed isn’t circulated around your home. It’s important that the company you select use a high-grade HEPA filter or have the vacuum vent to the outside (5). Otherwise, your home’s air quality can be compromised by the cleaning process.


Other Considerations.

Be aware that some air duct cleaning companies also offer additional services, such as coating the interior of your ducts with sealant to make particle accumulation less prevalent. They may also offer to spray chemical biocide for an additional cost. This is used to sterilize the surfaces of your vents by eliminating bacteria and mold that may be Image result for home hvac ductpresent. It’s also employed to keep theses organisms from returning in the future. However, the EPA recommends that you approach such treatments with care, as placing powerful chemicals in your ducts that have unknown health effects is a potential risk (6).


For a Clean, Healthy Home.

If you want the cleanest, healthiest home possible – then routine air duct cleaning is an excellent choice. It may lessen or eliminate the allergies suffered by people living in your house, or improve the breathing of children, the elderly or those with conditions like asthma. In addition, it could increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, making it work less to heat and cool your home.


You’ll also have qualified technicians inspecting your system for signs of dangerous mold growth or other problems. As mold in particular can be devastating to your health, this benefit alone is worth calling a local duct cleaning service. Finally, simply knowing that huge accumulations of dust, grime, mold, bacteria, pet hair and dander, allergens and even pests aren’t lurking in the hidden areas of your home is extremely reassuring. Therefore, with all of these benefits of HVAC duct cleaning in your home, this service can be a valuable part of your overall cleaning routine.