Our Rates

The biggest reason why our motel is a success is because our rates are always lower than the competition. For customers who are looking to access our rates for specific nights, we have a spot on our website where you can take a look at the potential rates for the duration of your stay. As is the case with most hotels and motels, our rates vary based on a few factors. Each night is factored into the rate you are provided. For instance, someone who is staying for 10 nights may get a lower “per night” rate than someone who is only staying for one or two nights.

In addition, the number of people staying in the room can have an impact. While we generally do not charge more for each person who is staying in the room, going over a certain limit may incur you some added expenses. For instance, with our regular rooms, more than two or three people would result in an increased charge, unless a family is staying in the room. The rates for smoking and non-smoking rooms are generally the same, but they may be a little different during certain seasons due to availability issues.

If a customer is unhappy about the rate they are being charged, or if you have any questions about our rates before you make a booking, the best way to contact us is through our website or over the phone. We are happy to take any queries about our rates, while we can also explain why a certain price is charged for our rooms. And unlike other establishments, we do not include any hidden fees in your rate. If you are charged $50 per night, you will not see $20 or $30 of extra charges at the end of your stay, even though many establishments operate in such a manner.